West Coast Animal Massage 

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What horse people say

Quotes Breanne has a gift for connecting with the needs of many different animals. She has provided valuable insight into the care of our horses, dogs and pigs. I look forward to many more years of having her visit the farm. Quotes
Kimberly Taylor
Owner, Operator, Brekita Grange

Quotes Thank you so much for working on my horses today Breanne. I should have turned the horses out to the field while you were still here. They all felt amazing! Maddie ran and bucked and kicked up her heels. I haven't seen her move that nicely in years! Quotes
Leanna Richardson
Trail Rider and Animal Foster Mom

Quotes "Rode Libby this morning and she was different. For the first time ever, she had her ears moving back and forth and listening to me! She was soft in the contact and would stay there for most of the time. When she was turned out that day, she was light as a feather on her feet! She was trotting around with her tail over her back and really prancing around. One of the girls was so surprised. ""I have never seen Libby like that"", she said." Quotes
Kathie Dorval
Bokay Arabians

Quotes Very informative and her passion for animal care shines thru in her work. Highly recommend! Quotes
Angela Fredrickson
3 Day Event Rider

Quotes Breanne is wonderful to work with, is a wealth of knowledge, and so good with my filly! I am thrilled to have found her! Quotes
Meghan Morrison
Owner of Kharena- Arabian Filly

Quotes Breanne's magic touch has been instrumental in ensuring an enjoyable dressage program with my lease horse, a 20 year old Oldenburg mare. Breanne uses a variety of methods to address general and localized muscle stiffness, energy issues and overall well-being. She is part of my equine "team" and I've seen a marked transformation in my horse over the last few years - from obvious "ouchiness" to a calm and happy animal, complete with multiple yawns per session. Breanne is always professional and really cares about our equine partners; she never rushes through sessions and is full of suggestions to help maintain my mare's good health and soundness. Thanks Breanne, from both of us! Quotes
Adrienne Jones
Dressage Rider

Quotes Hi Breanne, Jared has noticed a huge difference in Jake. We went on a trail ride yesterday and Jake was awesome. Jake would often switch leads on the trail, especially in the back, but lately he just maintains the lead he is on. Makes for a much more comfortable ride! Quotes
Jared and Katja Phye
Jumping, Roping, Cattle Penning, Cattle Sorting

Quotes I am so thankful for Breanne's professional advice and really encourage you to contact her if you are having any similar issues with your horse(s). She is kind, thorough, knowledgable, personable (and horsenable;) and has even helped me from afar when we weren't able to meet. She is constantly learning and teaching herself new ways to help these wonderful creatures that we all love so much. And best of all, she is natural! I can't say enough positive things about my experience with her so far. http://www.islandnaturalhorsemanship.com/cribbingwindsucking-part-three-an-update/ Quotes
Brooklyn Rae Greig
Island Natural Horsemanship

Quotes Hi Breanne I just wanted to say that this session today had the biggest results I have seen yet!! After you left Penny and I took Summer and her horse Alibi to the quarry. Summer didn't buck, prance, kick, fidget or do anything stupid like that. She sighed a lot and yawned and did a lot of releasing in a calm way. Then when we got to the water she was willing and eager to swim and I could feel that she was feeling positive and very connected. Thank you!!! Quotes
4H Rider